The Will Not Fade Team

  • Will Not Fade founder Joseph James is a teacher living in Wellington, New Zealand. Highlights from his time running Will Not Fade include joining Ranges on tour across the USA and Europe, attending two dunk!festivals, playing onstage with Guitar Wolf, providing guest vocals for some of his friends’ releases, interviewing Living Colour drummer Will Calhoun, and meeting and befriending some amazing musicians and music lovers around the world.

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Former Writers and Contributors

  • Sam McIntyre lives in Colorado, having recently moved from Chicago. He is especially passionate about the post-rock genre, and draws on his experience derived from having worked as a show promoter to inform his writings about music. Sam’s amazing writing has earned us the attention of Deep Elm Records, who have kindly offered us the opportunity to write the exclusive first review for a few of their releases.


  • Mircea Laslo is a 33 year old writer and music nut, originally from Romania, currently based in Belgium. He’s been writing about music for about 8 years. Loves post-metal with a burning passion, but also has a soft spot for weirdos and aliens in general. Think Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. Is trying not to be so pretentious all the time. Is also trying not to be the old curmudgeon that yells at the scene kids to get off his lawn.
  • João Seixo is a 21-year-old Post-Rock enthusiast. Economics student by choice and climber in the free times, he finds solace in the rich and emotional melodies and riffs that arise from this genre of music. Some of his personal favourites include If These Trees Could Talk, Alcest and indignu [lat.]. He also works on a project of his own, WaterLore.
  • Lance Turner. I grew up and still live around the coastal areas of Florida (US). Forever stuck in the undercurrent of reading too far between the lines. Although, at times it does help my writing. Music has been branded on my soul and I likely wouldn’t be alive without it. I do not have a favorite band as I’m such a moody listener and I frequently fall down genre rabbit holes for months at a time.
  • Murray Stace lives in Wollongong, New South Wales. His other musings can also be found at
  • Hugh Collins brings credibility to the team, being a qualified journalist. Internships at Rip It Up and The Herald helped him hone his writing skills, which he used to cover Auckland events for us before making the move to Wellington last year.
  • CJ Blessum lives in Bozeman, Montana. He lives by an indie/DIY ethic, running a recording studio called The Low Country, a merch/distro/record label called A Thousand Arms, and a post-rock band called Ranges.
  • Swedish born Mathias Hallberg is our resident metalhead. His interests include drinking beer, playing bass guitar and combing his glorious beard. He was living and studying in Wellington, New Zealand, but has recently moved to Macau.
  • Jayden Sulufaiga knows a thing or two about hip-hop and R&B. He lives with his partner and two children in the outer-Wellington suburb of Lower Hutt. One thing Jayden does in his spare time is moonlighting as an amateur comedian.