Print media is dying. Many online sources are turning into trashy gossip sites filled with clickbait. Save for the odd 300 word newspaper article, there is a distinct lack of live music reviews in New Zealand. The ones that do exist are often of a low standard.

Will Not Fade is dedicated to reviewing the latest music. It was created to fill the void of quality New Zealand music journalism. We focus on music that we consider interesting and worthwhile, not just the artists that feature in the top 40 charts.

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I’ve made the decision to retire Will Not Fade. I’ve been putting less and less time into the blog over the past few years and my life situation has changed to the point that I no longer make the time to prioritise writing reviews like I used to.

I tried putting together a team of writers to help me with continuing the site but trying to manage a team involved just as much, if not more, work. This plan didn’t succeed and I soon found myself running things alone again. 

I’m proud of what I have achieved through this site since I started it, but I need to be realistic and admit to myself that my heart is not in it anymore. I’ll keep the site up, but will not be updating it much in the near future.

Many thanks to any artists, labels, writers and creative peoples who have helped Will Not Fade become what it is. Hopefully I’ll find the motivation to revive it at a later stage.

Joseph James


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