Our Friends


Will Not Fade is one of the countless dedicated music sites on the internet. Here is a list of some of our friends, and other sites we think that you should check out as well.

Relative Silence

Murray’s site, with a focus on prog-rock, metal and post-rock.

A Thousand Arms

CJ’s baby. A1KA prints and distributes merch, and just announced an exciting partnership with dunk!records. Recently they released the incredible free post-rock compilation Open Language. Keep an eye on them, because they’re set to expand!

In The Nick Of Rhyme

A Wellington based site with a focus on hip-hop. More video based than written content.


The go-to place for buying tickets, with plenty of reviews and photos as well.

Everything Gone Green

Mike Hollywood champions a lot of unsung NZ talent, as well as looking back at classic records.

Arctic Drones

Some real champs who support the international post-rock scene. Arctic Drones writer David Zeidler is behind the recent A Thousand Arms free compilations [Hemispheres, and Open Language], and will be a driving force behind the inaugural dunk!USA festival in Vermont.

Joseph submitted a piece that was featured in this Arctic Drones tribute to Explosions In The Sky


A big mix here. Stereofox can be used to create playlists. They featured Joseph’s review of Jakob’s Sines.

Off The Tracks

Simon Sweetman is the most recognised music critic in New Zealand. Never far from controversy for his strong opinions, but great to read – whether or not you agree with what he thinks.

Pip Squeaks Blog

Another Wellington writer! Pippa covers a lot of pop music.

Ali Cooper

Ali completed a Masters thesis on shock rocker Alice Cooper. She writes for a host of publications, including Metal Hammer and Already Heard.

Music Unlabeled

Two girls writing about heavy music. I like it.

Sound Of Summer

Alan comes from the punk generation, but follows a range of music. He photographs and reviews many UK music festivals.

Music Of My Mind 14

Derrick somehow managed to get into some of the most exciting concerts in LA to photograph and review. This site is no longer updated, but still worth a browse.

Alt Dialogue

Focusing on a a great range of music from punk to post-rock.


Any site named after my favourite band deserves a look, but seriously the content on here is great.

Track Seven

Thought provoking essays on some of the ethics and politics of music set this site apart from the rest, as well as featuring the usual reviews and interviews.

Ambient Light

An Auckland site with boasting killer photographers and brilliant reviews.


Short for “Shut Your Fuckin Face And Listen”, SYFFAL is a wickedly funny site run by off-the-wall dads and weirdos.


Fergus Cunningham

Fergus loves post-rock music, international travel and derelict buildings. He provided the great shots of This Will Destroy You at San Fran when they played in Wellington.

Ben Stewart Photography

As well as being extremely talented, and giving me some photography advice, Ben also provided these awesome shots from the Thundercat gig.

Sink or Surface

Surfer boy Ben Maurice is also known by his music project Paint The Sand . He took the photos I used in my Mogwai review.

Bradley Garner Creative

Bradley Garner is one of the biggest names in NZ music photography. He has provided photos for a few of my reviews, including Homegrown 2015.

AH23 Photography

Alex is the face behind Shhh.. the Music is Talking. I see him at most Wellington gigs I go to.