I’ve come to the decision not to accept submissions anymore. I’ve been putting less and less time into the blog over the past few years and my life situation has changed to the point that I no longer make the time to prioritise writing reviews like I used to.

I tried putting together a team of writers to help me with continuing the site but trying to manage a team involved just as much, if not more, work. This plan didn’t succeed and I soon found myself running things alone again. 

I’m proud of what I have achieved through this site since I started it, but I need to be realistic and admit to myself that my heart is not in it anymore. I’ll keep the site up, but will not be updating it much in the near future.

Many thanks to any artists, labels, writers and creative peoples who have helped Will Not Fade become what it is. Hopefully I’ll find the motivation to revive it at a later stage.

Joseph James


Will Not Fade is proud to support indie artists as well as larger, more established acts. We cannot promise to provide reviews for everything sent to us because we all have busy lives, but if we think that the content is good, then we will try to cover it.


Please browse through our site first to see if your material will fit within the content we cover.


Our email contact is

Music submissions

It takes time to formulate an opinion, write down and edit our thoughts. The earlier we receive music prior to the release date, the better we are able to write a more informed review.

Some items to include:

  • The music
  • Copy of the album art, and a few press photos of the band that we have permission to use.
  • A Youtube or Vimeo link to a single that we can embed in the review.
  • A brief profile, including band members and what instruments they play
  • Links to website, bandcamp, social media sites etc…
  • The release date

Other information that can help:

  • Liner notes and lyrics
  • Key influences
  • Some information about the recording process
  • Anecdotes about certain songs, or the themes of the album.
  • Upcoming tour info, or plans for the future
Some guidelines

A download is more desirable than a streaming link. This way we can listen to the music in different environments, rather than just when we are seated at a computer.

We don’t currently review individual singles or video clips. Completed EPs and albums only please.

Please understand that we cannot review everything that comes our way. Where possible, we will at least listen to a few songs from each submission.

If you have read the above criteria, think your music fits within what we cover on this blog, and would like to submit an album or EP for review, then please contact us via email

Live concerts

If you wish for us to attend a concert to review please contact us via email.

It helps if we have some information about the artists playing and a digital image file of the concert/tour poster.

We require a spot on the guest list and permission to bring a camera.


Written interviews via email are easy to organise, whereas face-to-face or phone interviews are higher quality, but more time-consuming.

If you would like an interview please contact us via email so that we can arrange something that works.

Want to write for Will Not Fade?

If you are interested in writing for Will Not Fade please contact us with some examples of your work. We don’t have strict templates or restraining word limits. As long as the writing is high quality and engaging you are free to express yourself as you please. This site is a work of love, so is unpaid. However, there is the obvious perk of free music in exchange for your thoughts.

Please note that Will Not Fade is also centered in New Zealand, but don’t let that stop your applying if you live elsewhere. Variety makes things interesting!